Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL)

1. The application should be forwarded to the TRCSL in writing with the following documents;

(a) Comprehensive list of equipment intend to import

(b) Proforma Invoice/Custom Detention Receipt

(c) Technical specifications of the equipment listed in (a) above

(d) Evidence of authorization of frequency approved by TRCSL (if applicable)

2. The application will be processed by TRCSL

3. The application would be forwarded to the Ministry of Defence (MOD) for security clearance (if applicable)

(a) Processing time – 01 to 03 days (should MOD clearance not be necessary)

(b) Processing time – Two weeks (should MOD clearance be necessary)

4. The TRCSL will issue a no objection letter to the applicant, addressed to the Controller/Imports & Exports allowing the importation of equipment mentioned Item I(a) above.

5. Tax Invoice would be prepared and rendered to the applicant by TRCSL (if charges are applicable)

6. The TRCSL will issue a no objection letter to the applicant, addressed to the Director General of Customs on submission of following documents.

(a) Proof of settlement of the Invoice stated in Item 5 in full (if applicable)

(b) Commercial Invoice

(c) Copy of the Import License

(d) Copy of the Proforma Invoice –Item 1(a)

(e) Copy of the letter stated in Item 4 above

7. In case of mobile phone/data modem importation, TRCSL will issue a Reference Number, which should be pasted on the box of the mobile phone/data modem, in a form of a sticker for customer’s reference.

8. Periodical inspection will be carried out by the Officers of TRCSL for the verification of Item 7 above.

9. Only two numbers (02) of radio communication equipment are permitted to be imported by individuals for personal use (see note below)


1. For remote controlled toys except flying objects & boats – max. Five (05) numbers are permitted 

2. Remote Controlled flying objects & Boats are not permitted to be imported due to security reasons

3. Mobile Phone/Data Modem should carry markings pertaining to the Make, Model, Manufacturer, Country of Manufacture and IMEI No. and these marking shall be cast or etched in to the equipment or affix by a plate or a label which cannot be removed except by destroying or defacing it.

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